service4fire MADAS
Monitoring and Data Aquisition System
service4fire MADAS Analysis Software
MADAS module
Tilt and acceleration sensor
Protection type
RAM: 64 MB; mass memory: 32 MB Flash
2 CAN, GPS antenna, USB 2.0, power supply,
CAN, power supply, analogue exit for warning
ignition, GSM antenna*
buzzer, 3 analogue ports
GSM Module*
Quad Band GSM module
Power supply
12 VDC or 24 VDC (9 - 36 VDC)
12 VDC or 24 VDC (8.5 - 32 VDC)
Operating temperature
-31F to +185F / -35C to +85C
-31F to +185F / -35C to +85C
* Only applicable for the connection to the Online Service Portal.
Option: Data transfer to the service4fire Online Service Portal
All performance measurements stored on service4fire MADAS are automatically transmitted from the vehicle to
the serice4fire Online Service Portal via GPRS. There the data is analyzed automatically and incident reports
including graphical representations are generated. All vehicles of an organization equipped with service4fire
MADAS are available for analysis on this portal, with enhanced features for fleet management.
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