CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
Sufficient space for essential
equipment and special requirements
COMFORT - the flexible stowage system.
The COMFORT stowage system, Rosenbauer's own devel-
opment, is characterized by safe, simple and ergonomic
operation as well as an extensive parts program. The func-
tion of the device fixings, the device manipulation systems
and the device carrier is optimally coordinated with the
layout of the locker compartments. The diversity of the
COMFORT system means that every item has the appro-
priate bracket. The advantages include a clear overview
COMFORT drawers in an MB Sprinter for Oman
in the equipment compartments, quick and energy-saving
equipment removal, and the protection of the equipment,
which ensures a long service life.
Equipment of up to 220 kg can be stowed in the rotating
pull-out tray. In operation this means: Pull. Swivel. Remove.
No matter whether it's a portable fire pump, power gener-
ator or other equipment. The lowering devices are easy to
operate through fix-mounted pneumatic hand lever valves.
The quality of the serial production components is high
and they are available on a long-term basis. Moreover, the
COMFORT storage system offers lasting flexibility for the
ongoing update of vehicles to changing demands.
Pullout turntable in an MB Sprinter for Oman
The COMFORT lowering system
simplifies the handling of even higher
loads of up to 450 kg. There are
compact solutions like the equipment
module, drafting point or UHPS
with water tank. And, naturally, your
completely individual lowering system.
Pullout with turning device for a portable pump