CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
The integrated crew cabin optionally in a layout for a
fitted with high-quality synthetic parts and a robust alu-
crew of 1 + 5 or 1 + 8 offers a lot of space for the crew.
minum floor. This looks good, is skid-resistant, and makes
The crew cabin is separated from the equipment compart-
the cab easy to clean. Illuminated handrails on the inside
ments by a tested safety partition wall. Up to three SCBA
of the roof and 3 lots of handrails near the doors provide
seats allow the comfortable and, above all, speedy donning
additional grip. Furthermore, equipment can be stashed
of the SCBA seat during travel. Every seat is fitted with
away in cleverly integrated storage spaces such as seat
an approved seatbelt. The continuous and even cab floor
compartments, bench chests and lateral pullout drawers.
reduces the risk of stumbling and the even ceiling prevents
you from hitting your head. The interior of the crew cab is
Additional storage space in seat bench box
Central control.
As a result of the clearly arranged
control panel on the dashboard,
firefighters have an overview of all
the technical firefighting functions of
the vehicle, which facilitates quick
and easy operation.
Switch console in the control panel