CL Compact Line Rosenbauer
Superior performance also during extinguishing.
H5 high pressure pump
FOX S portable fire pump
extinguishing with greater efficiency.
in a class of its own.
The H5, with its compact dimensions and low weight, is
The completely redeveloped FOX S portable pump is an
extremely efficient as a built-in pump. Radial impellers
impressive new class between FOX and OTTER. Its high
make the 4-stage high pressure pump impervious to dirt.
output of more than 1,000 l/min at 10 bar, according to
With the H5, a rapid attack unit can be quickly created
EN 14466, in addition to its small width of 640 mm, allows
with small fire fighting vehicles, especially in combination
for completely new applications. The drive engine is a
with the Rosenbauer hose reel and NEPIRO spray pistol.
2-cylinder series engine optimized for use in the most
Depending on the drive solution the output is up to
adverse weather conditions, thus guaranteeing the highest
400 l/min at 40 bar*).
operational safety.
*) Pump outputs always depend on the corresponding PTO.
N10 normal pressure pump - compact power package.
FOX highest performance for lowest weight.
The compact dimensions and the low weight make the N10
The FOX portable fire pump, with an output of 1,600 l/min
unbeatable as a built-in pump. For a pump output of up
at 10 bar, offers the highest performance for the lowest
to 1,500 l/min at 10 bar pressure, even a very low drive
weight and impresses with its simple operation via LCS.
output of 38 kW is sufficient. The built-in rear version is
very compact and has all outlets mounted directly onto the