Rosenbauer EPS Electric Power System
EPS Electric Power System.
Unique. Flexible. Powerful.
The Rosenbauer Electric Power System is the modern answer to the problem of more electrical power on the fire fighting
truck. Rosenbauer offers the new EPS XS for installation near the engine and belt drive with power of up to 11 kVA as well
as the EPX XL with cardan shaft drive from the PTO of the chassis with power of up to 90 kVA. Both systems enable new
applications for supplying electricity to devices in use.
Benefits of the EPS Electric Power System.
An individual solution for you.
Direct, lossless, and variable speed drive of the
The modular system comprised of a generator, converter,
and electrical consumers is easily adapted to the needs of
Largely maintenance-free system due to the direct
each customer and thus to each vehicle category.
drive of the generator
Parallel operation of pump and generator with high
The overall system including safety devices is designed
load at EPS XL possible
according to current standards.
Versatile applications (all electrical devices)
Freedom of positioning of the devices on the vehicle
The system components such as generators and the con-
Simple retrofitting of devices
verters adapted to this purpose were developed in close
Operation via LCS display
partnership with renowned specialists, only Rosenbauer has
Satisfies DIN 14686 (EPS XL) and DIN 14687,
access to these components.
supplemented by 400V (EPS XS)
High safety through permanent insulation monitoring
and IT network configuration