EPS Electric Power System Rosenbauer
EPS XS Power up to 11 kVA
With the EPS XS, it is possible for the first time to produce
three-phase 400 V AC voltage in a fire fighting truck by way
of a direct motor using the power generator installed in the
engine compartment.
In contrast to conventional single-phase 230V systems, all
heavy devices, such as submersible pumps, contaminated
water pumps, etc. can be driven directly.
Installation in the engine compartment
The EPS XS generator is built directly into the engine com-
partment of the vehicle and driven by a belt. The converter
and control box are flexibly positioned in the body. The
position of the sockets can be selected according to the
vehicle load.
Technical data
Artificial mains network 11 kVA
Electrical power
Short-term superior performance
(at maximum power
Pel, 3~ = 11.2 kVA / cos = 0.8 / 9.0 kW
generator speed of
Continuous output
6,000 1/min)
Pel, 3~ = 9.3 kVA / cos = 0.8 / 7.5 kW
Compliance with
DIN 14687, supplemented by the 400 V range
Tried and tested technology
The technology of the EPS XS
electric switchboard
equals that of the EPS XL system
DIN 14687 (for 400 V)
1:1. Rosenbauer has many years of
experience as the only manufactu-
rer of such technology in the fire
fighting industry.
400 V AC, 50 Hz
insulation monitor,
400 V AC, 60-500 Hz