Rosenbauer EPS Electric Power System
EPS Electric Power System.
New. Unrivalled. Hybrid!
Rosenbauer always a step ahead.
lighting, positive pressure ventilators and electric submers-
ible pumps, and thus bring the existing generators to the
Rosenbauer has been synonymous with fire safety for
limit of their performance. To operate a vehicle-mounted
over 140 years. Today, Rosenbauer is among the world's
generator along with the centrifugal fire pump, up until now,
largest manufacturers of municipal fire trucks, aerial
the generator required an expensive hydrostatic drive.
appliances, special airport and industry vehicles and
Otherwise, it was not possible to use a generator with con-
stationary and half-stationary fire extinguishing systems.
stant rotational speed and a vehicle-mounted fire pump with
Professional, volunteer, industrial and airport fire fighters
changeable rotational speed at the same time. Now it is!
around the world trust the technologically superior
solutions by Rosenbauer.
The advantages of the EPS Electric Power System.
Rosenbauer is now yet another step ahead with its inno-
Highest electrical performance up to 140 kVA,
vative and patented hybrid energy system for fire fighting
depending on the chassis and power take off speed
vehicles and opens new possibilities for supplying
Parallel operation of pump and generator possible
electricity to components in use.
at high load
Rotational speed independence
Revolutionary energy system.
Almost maintenance-free system (owing to the
hydraulic drives having been done away with)
Apart from extinguishing with water and the centrifugal
Versatile applications (all electrical equipment)
pump required, more and more operational units have
Freedom in positioning the devices in the truck
to be operated at and from the truck. The challenges
Ease of retrofitting additional equipment
faced by fire fighters are on the rise. They are increasingly
Operation from screen
using electrical devices such as hydraulic rescue systems,
Conforms to DIN 14686
The Electric Power System.
In the new EPS, the truck-mounted pump is driven in the
conventional way directly via a power take off. A second
power take off is used to drive a new kind of high-power
generator, which supplies electrical energy independently
of the rotational speed to a 600 V DC on-board supply
system in the detachable unit. From this DC supply, the
individual loads are supplied with traditional 400 V AC
through inverters.
The generator starts automatical y when the pump is start-
ed. Independent operation is also possible. With up to 140
kVA, it delivers sufficient energy to supply al the required
electrical equipment in the truck. For the first time, electri-
cal y driven devices can be flexibly supplied with current
in the vehicle and simultaneously pressure proportioning
systems with high output and compressed air foam systems