COMFORT equipment pullout & lowering devices Rosenbauer
COMFORT equipment pullout & lowering devices.
Firefighters are subject to diverse physical loads during virtually every operation. Therefore, Rosenbauer has developed
the COMFORT stowage system, which facilitates the simple and ergonomic removal of equipment in a quick and efficient
Equipment weighing up to 250 kg can be secured on the
pullout with a rotating carousel. When in use, this simply
means, pull out, rotate and remove, irrespective of whether
a portable pump, generator or other equipment is involved.
Lowering is then easily actuated by means of the fix-
mounted, pneumatic hand lever valve.
The COMFORT system is subject to constant further devel-
opment, a process into which Rosenbauer integrates the
experience of firefighters. This results in the professional
and ergonomic solutions from the COMFORT product
program for the equipment pullout with a carousel and the
pump lowering device.
Safe storage.
Rapid readiness for action.
Ergonomic utilization.
Your partner for municipal firefighting vehicles.
Reduced physical strain.
Rosenbauer is the leading international group in technology
and service for fire protections and civil defence solutions.
For more than 140 years, the company name has been a
synonym for important inventions and pioneering technical
advances, the design and production of fire fighting vehicles
as well as extinguishing systems of every type. Rosenbauer
offers integrated solutions and individual support during
complex projects.
The majority of Rosenbauer employees are themselves
experienced firefighters and therefore they know exactly
what counts during operations. Consequently, from the very
outset discussions at Rosenbauer are held on an expert-to-
expert basis. It is this know-how that results in customized
municipal firefighting vehicles that match the tasks in hand.