Rosenbauer COMFORT equipment pullout & lowering devices
COMFORT equipment pullout.
Maximum ergonomics. Extremely useful.
COMFORT equipment pullout with carousel
The COMFORT equipment pullout consists of an alumi-
num sledge and a carousel. It combines ergonomics and
practical advantages to an extremely high degree. Equip-
ment with a weight of up to 220 kg can be secured on the
Operational dynamism
The sledge is pulled out of the vehicle using an ergonomic
grip. The carousel facilitates the rapid removal of a port-
able pump, generator or other equipment. A special feature
in this regard is provided by the fact that the carousel can
be rotated in both directions. This means that the crew
also has easy access to the equipment located directly
behind the pullout.
Pullout for hydraulic rescue equipment
Pullout for UHPS
Carousel pullout for generators