COMFORT equipment pullout & lowering devices Rosenbauer
COMFORT lowering device.
Ergonomic. Simple. Safe.
The lowering devices from the Rosenbauer COMFORT
product program are simple and safe to use due to the fix-
mounted, pneumatic hand lever valve. The portable pump
stands on a high-quality, galvanized steel frame. This is
raised from its transport position, then pulled manually out
of the vehicle and finally lowered using the operating lever.
Ergonomic operation rapid readiness for action
In general, the frame carrying the portable pump is low-
ered to an optimum, ergonomic height of 700 mm. Thanks
to easy rotation using the swing-out grips, the crew can
then quickly bring the device to the operational scene.
Moreover, the lowering procedure can be stopped at any
time, allowing flexible setting at the ideal removal height
for the firefighters.
A solution for exchangeable systems. Choice of mobile equipment carriers or portable pumps.