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Operations with municipal vehicles
For extensive feedback there is a separate area for the
Optimally prepared with Rosenbauer.
trainer, who controls the training from there and can
observe and analyse all the driver`s actions. This allows
For the municipal sector, Rosenbauer uses the ERDS
for the training unit to be discussed and processes to
(Emergency Response Driving Simulator) simulator -
be reflected on.
a mobile simulation system of the highest level.
The whole simulator is housed in a container, so the
system can be transported anywhere, at any time.
Thanks to this flexible setup, Rosenbauer simulator
training can also take place at your site.
There are two areas in the container itself:
A truck driving compartment is used to make the
simulation as realistic as possible. What`s special
for the ERDS is that the truck driving compartment
Trainer`s control room.
is installed on a moving lifting unit. Which means
that the driving compartment also moves during
the simulation and reacts to every movement of the
steering wheel. This makes it possible to realistically
and dynamically experience situations in which
driving behaviour changes.
Experience for emergency situations.
There is no realistic training for dangerous situations
Truck training cab.
during the emergency journey. Experimental emergency
driving is prohibited. As a result, the true test for the driver
is always a real emergency. For the training with ERDS,
attempt in real life. Such critical situations are, for example:
Rosenbauer has created a virtual road network, in which
a bicyclist who runs a red light, a headphone-wearing
dangerous situations can be realistically recreated. So
pedestrian who does not hear the emergency sirens and
participants can train the proper behaviour during critical
a car that suddenly swerves.
situations that are too dangerous to