Rosenbauer - ERDS Emergency Response Driving Simulator
Innovative. Safe. Individual.
The ERDS Simulator impresses with:
Realistic operational scenarios
Reduced training costs
Variety of incidents
The ERDS training unit is set up in a mobile container.
More safety thanks to simulation systems from Rosenbauer.
The ERDS simulator gives a realistic impression of the
All parameters and data are recorded so the session
most diverse of driving situations. Special situations like
can be analysed and evaluated at a later time.
difficult weather conditions, dangerous traffic situations,
Every training session will be discussed afterwards
and special hazards can be incorporated into customized
with the responsible trainer.
training sessions.
Perfectly trained for operations.
75 % of accidents involving firefighting
vehicles occur during an emergency
situation. With the help of the ERDS
simulator, dangerous situations in
which quick reactions are needed
can be experienced virtually. Images
of roads and highways - both rural
and urban - are projected by 180
projectors onto front and side-
mounted screens.