On-board supply system with 600 V DC
High power generator, performance up to 140 kVA
The customized solution for you.
The modular system comprising of the generator, invert-
ers and electrical loads can be matched to flexibly fit any
Power supply 230 V/400 V
customer requirement and hence to any vehicle category
as well. The entire system, including safety equipment,
is designed in conformity with DIN 14686.
The high-capacity generator and the matching inverters
were developed in partnership with renowned specialists,
and these system components are available exclusively
to Rosenbauer.
Direct injection foam proportioning system DIGIDOS 36
can be operated and independently control ed through the
EPS. Electrical energy with high output is also available for
the flexible release of extinguishing agents from the vehicle.
Compressed air foam system CONTI CAFS 10E/30E
Any misgivings about the safety of the system can be
simply discarded. The system conforms to the current
DIN 14686. All current-carrying cables are well-insulated;
the entire system is monitored through a two-level insula-
tion monitor. The network configuration is through an es-
pecially secure insulated grid (IT grid). The system provides
fire departments with a versatile power supply, as well as
an almost maintenance-free drive system for electrically
operated modules. The new hybrid energy system is inte-
grated in the Rosenbauer LCS (Logic Control System) and
can thus be operated from a monitor.
Operation via LCS display