Rosenbauer - ERDS Emergency Response Driving Simulator
Simulator training from Rosenbauer.
Safely moving a fire fighting vehicle through traffic in an
operation is not only risky, but also extremely demanding
mentally and physically. For more driving experience
and improved safety, Rosenbauer offers a world-class
simulation system with ERDS to optimally practice driving
and blue light operations.
The aim of the simulator training is to optimize your reac-
tion times and processes in risky operational situations.
You learn how to recognize critical road traffic situations,
how to avoid them and how to react appropriately.
You can train problem recognition and implement
standardized reactions in dangerous situations.
Experience emergency journeys realistically.
ERDS Simulator:
Swap body system
Truck driving compartment on moving lifting unit
Air-conditioned and insulated
4-channel projectors, backlit projection
180 viewing field
Motion system
User and trainer station
Train realistically and lower costs.
Training with Rosenbauer simulators has many advantages.
Additionally, a training unit can be repeated until every
Operational training in the simulator is much cheaper than
action is right, time allowing. The training results are
real-life training. Through the range of events that can
reproducible and thus enable the continuous further
be simulated, it is possible to constantly set new and
development of your team.
individual training focuses.