Rosenbauer HAZMAT and Decontamination
Hazmat equipment
Special solutions for emergencies.
Rosenbauer offers the right solutions for dealing with
hazardous materials (HAZMAT = hazardous materials).
Materials are labeled as hazardous if their release could
pose danger to life and the environment. These materials
are produced and transported in the physical states of
solid, liquid, or gaseous. They can damage the human orga-
nism depending on the concentration and exposure time.
Classification of dangerous substances
Dangerous substances are classified in:
(A) Nuclear
(B) Biological and
(C) Chemical materials
Three stages are differentiated depending on the potential
danger and the extent of damage.
Recognize danger
Emergency measures for accidents with hazardous materials
1. Recognize danger - investigate
2. Cordon off and secure
Perception: e.g. smoke, for, flames, hissing of an
The accident area should be cordoned off over a wide
escaping gas etc.
area, not only to prevent approaching persons and vehicles
Designation on trucks, tankers, freight containers or
from creating even greater damage, but also to permit
on drums, canisters or gas cylinders: e.g. danger note,
rescue personnel to work without obstructions.
warning sign, shipping documents, safety data sheets
Measuring: e.g. with gas sensors
3. Rescue persons!
People must be rescued quickly during every operation.
The head of operations is responsible for determining