HAZMAT and Decontamination Rosenbauer
Contamination occurs during
every fire fighting operation
to varying degrees.
STANDARD decontamination
DECON stage 3
MASS decontamination
DECON stage 3 requires an extensive cleansing technique that is preinstal ed in a
vehicle together with an electric power supply. The operational personnel undergo
preliminary cleansing in a decon shower set up outside. Then the protective suits
are taken off and put into storage. "Fine-scale decontamination" takes place
inside the vehicle. Afterwards, the decontaminated person receives replace-
ment clothing or regeneration may take place (e.g. drinking isotonic bever-
age). Alternatively, a Mass DECON set is also available as DECON stage 3
for the decontamination of a large number of civilians at large-scale events,
for example. Among other things, this includes three inflatable tents
(removal of contaminated clothing, cleansing, dressing, and supplies).
BASIC decontamination