Rosenbauer Portable Pumps
The right portable pump for every application.
Perfectly equipped for operations.
Portable pumps for every situation
Rosenbauer's portable pumps impress with their easy
Rosenbauer portable pumps with maintenance-free
operation, low weight, and high performance.
pump technology, safe engine cooling, and simple
operation in combination with numerous options, are
The power range extends from 500 l/min at 6 bar (OTTER,
perfect for adapting to the various requirements of any
PFPN 6-500) up to 1,600 l/min at 10 bar (FOX, PFPN 15-
given situation. Rosenbauer portable pumps are in use
1000 or PFPN 10-1500) for pumps with gasoline engines
worldwide under various climatic conditions.
as well as an output of 500 l/min at 5 bar (OTTER diesel)
for pumps with diesel engines.
Maintenance costs are low due to the use of low-wear
priming pumps, mechanical axial face sealing for sealing
Whether a day-long deployment in flood, pumping water
the pump, and long maintenance intervals of the engine,
over long distances, or use as a built-in pump in the vehicle
which means the pumps are always ready.
Fire departments worldwide trust the power,
simple operation, and low weight of Rosenbauer
portable pumps.