Rosenbauer Portable Pumps
What makes a Rosenbauer portable pump.
The engine.
Since 1926, Rosenbauer has relied on renowned manufacturers of engines as suppliers for the drive technology in its
portable pumps. The engine, however, is not just the source of power. It also influences the shape of the device and the
characteristics of the pump. In addition to the highest possible performance, other imporant features include a compact
size, low noise emissions and fuel consumption as well as easy maintenance supported by a worldwide service network.
Briggs & Stratton
OTTER and BEAVER portable pumps are driven by air-cooled
2-cylinder gasoline engines. Briggs & Stratton engines are
characterized by a compact body, easy serviceability, and a
worldwide service network.
Since 1987, BMW has supplied the drive engines for three
generations of FOX portable pumps. More than 15,000
devices are in use around the world. The powerful, air-
cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine is a motorcycle engine. It
features an impressive high performance and low weight.
BMW 2-Zylinder boxer engine
The traditional Austrian company BRP-Rotax, a subsidiary
of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) in Gunskirchen,
Austria, can look back on a history of nearly 100 years. BRP-
Rotax specializes in the development and production of drive
systems for products in the power sports industry.
Qualities such as low weight, high performance, maximum
reliability, and suitability for both hot and cold climates even
in the most adverse weather conditions are the ideal basis
for driving the portable pumps.
The new Rosenbauer portable pump is driven by a 2-cylinder
series engine
series engine that is used in Ski-Doo snowmobiles.