Portable Pumps Rosenbauer
What makes a Rosenbauer portable pump.
Single-stage centrifugal pump
Mechanical operation
All Rosenbauer portable pumps
OTTER and BEAVER portable pumps feature easy mechani-
have a highly efficient single-stage
cal operation. They feature an ignition key, manual choke,
pump unit.
and hand throttle.
Mechanical shaft seal
Electronic operation
Through the use of electronic motor control, the FOX S and
The pump`s shaft seal is a axial face
FOX portable pumps have electronic control units that as-
sealing characterized by reliable
sume operation of the pumps and simultaneously function
sealing in all operating conditions.
as a display instrument for warnings and errors. Electronic
operation enables functions such as automatic pump pres-
sure regulation and cavitation alarm.
Automatic priming
The priming pump is driven by a pump
shaft by way of a belt and is auto-
matically decoupled upon achieving
suction pressure. The priming pump
is switched off in feed and discharge
Suction system
It is especially safe to operate thanks to the oil bath
lubrication, inlet/outlet valves made from extremely
Hand priming pump: This simple suction system
resistant plastic, and the design as a double piston pump.
on the OTTER portable pump is characterized by a
high priming performance up to a 7.5 m suction lift with
the simplest operation independent of the drive engine
Vane priming pump: he BEAVER portable pump has a
high-performance vane priming pump with semi-automatic
operation. This allows for suction lifts of up to 8 m.
Piston priming pump: piston priming pump is not only
used in the FOX and FENNEK portable pumps, but rather in
all Rosenbauer centrifugal pumps.