Rosenbauer Portable Pumps
The light-weight portable pump.
The OTTER portable pump is a compact
and lightweight portable pump driven
by an air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline en-
gine. It is characterized by the highest
reliability and simplest operation while
being extremely lightweight.
The pump can be equipped with a high-
performance hand priming pump that
achieves suction heights of up to 7.5 m.
Technical data
Standard test
PFPN 6-500

Flow rate
500 l/min at 6 bar
500 l/min at 5 bar
800 l/min at 5 bar
700 l/min at 4 bar
1,000 l/min at 4 bar
max 1,000 l/min with free discharge
Drive engine
Briggs&Stratton V2 cylinder 4-stroke engine,
HATZ 1 cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine,
13 kW output
10.5 kW output
ingle-stage, lightweight alloy centrifugal pump, curved impeller blades
and diffuser with spiral housing
Priming pump
Hand priming pump, Suction height up to 7.5 m
580 mm x 600 mm x 630 mm
765 mm x 560 mm x 680 mm
Dry: 58 kg, Ready for operation: 66 kg
Dry: 152 kg, Ready for operation: 160 kg