Portable Pumps Rosenbauer
The premium portable pump.
The FOX portable pump has been
the standard for more than 25 years
in terms of weight, performance,
operational safety, and user friendliness.
At only 167 kg when ready to operate,
it is still among the lightest 4-stroke
portable pumps. Its power of 15 bar at
1,000 l/min makes it unique.
It is operated via an intuitive control and
instrument panel and automatic control
of the piston priming pump makes work
easier and prevents operating errors.
Technical data
Standard test
PFPN 10-1000, PFPN 15-1000, PFPN 10-1500
Flow rate
1,500 l/min at 10 bar
1,000 l/min at 15 bar
2,000 l/min at 3 bar
Drive engine
BMW 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, 50 kW output
Single-stage, lightweight alloy centrifugal pump, curved impeller blades
and diffuser with spiral housing
Priming pump
Piston priming pump automatic control
942 mm x 740 mm x 838 mm
Dry: 150 kg, Ready to operate: 167 kg