Unique control comfort.
Operating panel with
pressure governor
Simple Operations
Press START engage the pump deliver water. Using a
portable pump couldn`t be easier.
Operating panel in the
operation with flares,
The backgroundilluminated buttons on the neatly laid-out
number of revolutions
operating panel are not only an optical highlight, but allow
and operation hour
trouble-free operations in the dark the detachable search
light can be used to illuminate the scene.
The BMW engine's electronic motor control ensures reli-
able push-button starting, and the fully-automatic piston
priming pump is capable of lifting water over a considerab-
le rise within a very short time.
The pump can optionally be controlled via an optional
pump pressure governor. The pressure governor automa-
tically keeps the preset pump pressure constant indepen-
dently of the volume flow of water. Mechanical thermal
protection and a cavitation alarm ensure trouble-free
operations in any kind of task.