Rosenbauer - FOX
Maximum Operating Safety.
The latest generation FOX is powe-
red by a BMW 2 cylinder flat piston
engine. Sophisticated engine con-
trols ensure safe operations in any
scenario: freezing cold, tropical heat,
or even at great heights. Fan-driven
air cooling prevents the engine from
overheating, even if no water is being
pumped, and additional oil cooling for
the cylinder heads allows continuous
full load operations over longer
periods of time. The technology which
has proved itself in BMW`s state-of-
the-art motorcycles now guarantees
maximum reliability in tough fire
Sectional view
fighting scenarios.
of the FOX
BMW engine from the
current R1200GS
Pump with highest efficiency
The three dimensional cambered impeller in the light metal
spiral housing converts the mechanical power developed
by the engine into hydraulic power at the single-stage cen-
Safe and fast suction
trifugal pump with an efficiency of over 70 %. A stainless
steel pump shaft, the lubrication and maintenance free
The fully automatic piston priming pump not only gives
mechanical shaft seal, the tension ring design of the pump
you convincing performance but also shines thanks to
and, last but not least, the easy accessibility of the engine
its robust design. Not even heavily contaminated water
and pump make the FOX really easy to maintain.
or hour-long free discharge - or relay operations can hold
it back. The belt drive automatically disengages when the
The location of the fuel tank underneath the engine, and
pump is primed.
the safety cap on the filler neck, allow trouble-free filling of
In free discharge operations, such as pumping flooded
the FOX while the engine is running. This was confirmed by
cellars dry, the priming pump can be disengaged manually.
the TÜV.