Rosenbauer - UHPS Ultra high pressure system
Ultra high pressure system UHPS
Maximum extinguishing efficiency with optimum performance
Rosenbauer has been offering the UHPS, a compact and efficient extinguishing system, for over 10 years
now. It has proved to be of value, especially in first attack. The next generation of the Rosenbauer UHPS
was developed in cooperation with experienced users with the objective to improve upon the over
1000 UHPS units being used over the world.
A ultra high pressure unit Why?
The advantages of the UHPS ultra high
pressure system are especially evident
in fast attack, rapid intervention and
technical vehicles. Fast attack vehicles
can be moved in pedestrian area as
well, and are able to reach the fire-
affected area much faster despite rush-
hour traffic, narrow old-city streets, or
heavy snow. Since these vehicles rarely
have fire pump systems, Rosenbauer
has developed a lightweight, complete
extinguishing unit the UHPS.
The UHPS unit comprises of:
3-cylinder brass ultra high pressure piston pump with ceramic pistons (oil-bath lubrication)
and water pre-filter, output 38 litres/min
Integrated foam proportioning system, manual foam proportioning rate 0 to 6 %, continuously
2-cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine Briggs & Stratton with e-starter + battery; 8.5 litres fuel
Hose reel with 60 m rubber hose, incompressible DN 12/20 mm
UHPS standard nozzle, full/spray jet continuously adjustable with foam attachment
Foam canister 20 litre
Water tank 100 to 500 litre in various designs