Optimal extinguishing effect -
hose. The extinguishing agent is sprayed on the burning object through a stand-
38 litres/min at 100 bar
ard nozzle with long throw range. Compact, flexible and space-saving, the UPHS
basic module can be installed on all vehicles. The vehicle PTO can also be used
Full atomizing of the water being used
for the operation.
and an adequate amount of water are
important prerequisites for effective
The UHPS branch pipes
extinguishing. Extensive experiments
in Austria and USA showed that there
The standard branch pipe is ideally customised according to the pump pressure.
is no remarkable increase in the extin-
This ensures that finest tiny water droplets are generated in full and spray jet for
guishing effect and throw range with
maximum extinguishing effect with long throw range. It has a continuously vari-
a pressure of over 100 bar. There is
able full/spray jet setting and a detachable foam barrel.
a dramatic decline in the extinguish-
ing effect with a water output below
The UHPS combined branch pipe has all the standard nozzle functions and is
35 to 40 litres/min. Therefore the
also equipped with an integrated adjustable foam barrel. This allows you not
Rosenbauer ultra high pressure unit is
only switching between full and spray jet, but also directly changing over to the
designed to provide an optimum of
foam mode simply push the foam barrel forward.
38 litres/min at 100 bar pressure.
A sophisticated and complete
The UHPS basic module comprises
Full jet
a piston pump driven by a Briggs
& Stratton petrol engine and an
integrated, continuously variable
proportioning system providing foam
proportioning rates of 0-6% with the
help of an integrated, continuous
proportioning system. The manual
Spray jet
reel contains a 60 m long, thin, non
collapsible and fire-resistant rubber
Low expansion
foam jet
The advantages of the UHPS Ultra high pressure
Long throw range: Extinguishing from a safe distance
Best cooling effect: Finest water atomization in spray jet
(>10 m)
Extinguish continuously or in bursts, since the jet can be
70 m action radius (60 m hose, 10 m throw range)
changed from full to spray stream in continuous setting
Easy hose handling: only approx. 7 kg weight at 60 m
Integrated foam proportioning system and attachment
when full with water
Very easy operation the unit does not need any observa-
Perfect elimination of hot spots. Volumes of 38 litre/min
tion after starting it
and 100 bar pressure give out particularly high kinetic en-
UHPS can be retrofitted in all vehicles and also on a hand-
ergy with flame penetration by the full jet up to the hot spot
cart. You can also attach it for stationary use.