Rosenbauer - Pump-system N100
Pump-system N100
One pump three applications
The N100 covers applications ranging from aircraft rescue, to industrial
fire fighting vehicles through to stationary pumping systems for pressurize
hydrant systems.
The well-thought out location of all
components and the unique drive
concept provide a small footprint, for
the pump system which is unrivalled
with respect to performance and
The N100 - the central unit - has three
1. Pump water at high-performance
2. Support the priming pump,
high pressure pump and the
around-the-pump foam
proportioning system
3. Central drive unit for all auxiliary
Benefits of the N100 pump
High pump performance in normal
All accessories directly mounted on
and/or high pressure operations
the pump
Maximum operating safety
> No additional brackets or holders
Low maintenance
Low noise emission
Accessories directly driven from the
Freely combinable with
pump shaft on the suction side
> High pressure pump H5
> Robust and easy to service
> Priming pump KAP6000
T-type suction cover facilitates
> Around the pump foam proportio-
hose and pipe connections
ning system FOAMATIC E
> Accessories and pump suction
Compact construction due to
cover can be removed without
modular Design
dismantling the pump