Rosenbauer ­ Case Study Tönsmeier
Two successful enterprises.
Tönsmeier and Rosenbauer ­ leaders in their fields.
Turret extinguishing systems with PYROsmart infrared detection
Tönsmeier ­ environmental service provider for
ecological and economical solutions.
Tönsmeier, a family-run environmental service provider
At the Oppin and Porta Westfalica sites, around
and energy supplier with more than 30 treatment, sorting,
250,000 tons of light packaging materials are sorted
and recycling plants in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland,
annually, consisting of foil, ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
and Austria makes a significant contribution to preserving
beverage cartons and paper, amongst other materials. In
natural resources. Across Europe, over 3,500 employees
Oppin, Tönsmeier also processes waste into refuse-derived
with around 1,100 vehicles support municipal clients, dual
fuels. These are used in energy-intensive industrial process-
system carriers, as well as commercial and industrial
es such as in the cement industry and replace finite primary
energy sources such as crude oil, natural gas, or coal.