Normal pressure fire
High pressure
pump N100
pump H5
The High Volume-pump
Normal- and high pressure without
The N100 is the most powerful pump in the Rosenbauer range. Wherever
you need a powerful attack, or continuous high-performance operations,
Adding the H5 pump to the N100
the N100 should be the first choice.
drastically increases the attack
The single-stage N100 pump runs at a convincingly low speed of just 1750 RPM.
force of the pumping system. Full
Modern, low-emission diesel engines provide a perfect blend of low noise emis-
normal and high pressure perfor-
sion and low fuel consumption at this speed range.
mance is available at all times with-
out compromise.
Thanks to the spiral housing and
water stripers edges in the volute, the
The unique drive system guarantees
N100 has an extremely flat pumping
that the four-stage high pressure
performance characteristic. This re-
pump can be enabled as needed.
duces the impact of sudden pressure
changes provoked by opening and
closing water turrets, or similar
to a minimum.
Benefits of the N100
Benefits of the H5 high pressur pump
High pumping performance
Contamination resilient
Rated output 500 lpm at 40 bar
> 10.000 lpm at 10 bar
> Wide-diameter impellers allows
Full normal- and high pressure pump
> 14.000 lpm at 10 bar with 5 bar
foreign bodies
Performance at the same time
inlet pressure
Low power consumption due to
Driven by a belt directly from the
> 8.000 pm at 10 bar with 3 m
high efficiency
pump shaft of the normal pressure
suction height and suction strainer
> Without high pressure pump: 220 kW
fire pump N100
Low noise emission
> With high pressure pump: 320 kW
> Robust and safe operations - no
> Due to engine and pump running
Low maintenance
clutch or tension roller
in optimum speed range at
> Mechanical shaft seals at suction
Can be enabled or disabled as needed
1750 RPM
and pressure side of the pump,
> A pneumatically tensioned multiple
Low pressure due to optimized
maintenance free
v-belt guarantees full power trans
pump output characteristic
mission in any operating status