Rosenbauer - Pump-system N100
High pressure
Double acting piston priming
pump H5
pump KAP600
High-performance priming for heavy duty applications
The KAP600 gives fire fighters a highly effective and extre-
mely robust priming pump.
The unique drive system supports permanent stand by
status of the priming pump, allowing fire fighters to start it
as needed.
Benefits of the KAP600
High performance priming with a displacement of 600 ccm
Resilient to contaminated water supply
Low maintenance due to oil bath lubrication
Secure operations due to dual piston failsafe
Cylinder liners and eccentric shaft made of stainless steel,
slide ring made of non-ferrous metal alloy
3 hydraulic seals per piston
Extremely resilient, centrally located inlet and outlet valves
made of synthetic material
N100 Gear Box
Fig. 1
gear ratio: 0,81
Driven by flexibility
In situations where the N100 cannot be driven directly by a cardan shaft or
engine, an optional helical gear box is available.
The gear box can be delivered with two different gear ratios (0,81 or 0,67)
for power-take-off rotation clockwise (fig.1) or counter-clockwise (fig.2).
The drive unit is seated in a water-cooled oil bath for continuous operations.
Fig. 2
gear ratio: 0,67