Rosenbauer Truck-mounted fire pumps
Truck-mounted fire pumps.
Rosenbauer pumps are in service and trusted word wide.
Truck-mounted fire pumps by Rosenbauer are used in fire fighting trucks around
the world to guarantee your safety. Whether in airport, industrial or municipal
fire trucks or in stationary units.
Pumps for every application.
pumps reach up to 400 lpm
Well prepared for the scene.
(105 USgpm) at 40 bar (600 psi).
The construction of the Rosenbauer
The simple operation of the pumps
normal and high pressure fire pumps
The wide variety of options and the
through the self-explanatory Rosen-
as centrifugal pumps offer the best
best available integration of foam
bauer LCS (Logic Control System)
efficiency and the lowest water
proportioning systems offer the most
guarantees a relief of the work load for
hammers through flat pump charac-
efficient solution for the correspond-
the operator.
teristics - this releases especially the
ing requirements of the operational
units on scene.
Therefore the pumps are suitable for
Low maintenance costs through the
hard continuous operation with all
The discharge range of the normal
implementation of wear and tear
water and foam concentrate qualities
pressure pumps during suction
resistant piston priming pumps, me-
under all different climatic conditions.
operation lies between 750 lpm
chanical seals on the shaft, and the
(200 USgpm) and 10,000 lpm
long maintenance intervals ensure a
(2,640 USgpm). The high pressure
permanent readiness for use.