Rosenbauer Truck-mounted fire pumps
The compact all-round pump package.
Normal Pressure Fire Pump N10.
The compact dimensions and the low weight are un-
matched characteristics for the N10 as rear-mounted
pump. This creates additional compartment space for
equipment - an unbeatable benefit for small-size vehicles.
The unit is a cost efficient and space-saving solution for
small-size vehicles. The operation is done from the rear via
the Rosenbauer LCS control panel.
Pump capacities of up to 1,700 lpm (450 USgpm) pump
performance at 10 bar (150 psi) pressure can be realized
on small-size vehicles with the lowest space requirements.
Benefits of the N10 pump.
Compact dimensions
High pump capacities of up to
1,700 lpm (450 USgpm) at 10 bar
(150 psi)
Low power requirement between
30 and 42 kW
Flow rate
Suction height
Compact unit with all inputs and
outputs on the pump
1,000 lpm
10 bar
28 kW
3 m
Simple use through Rosenbauer LCS
1,500 lpm
10 bar
38 kW
3 m
1,700 lpm
10 bar
42 kW
3 m