Fire extinguishing system for Tönsmeier recycling plants.
Demanding initial situation.
Customized solution.
In Oppin, Tönsmeier operates an ultra-modern
In order to effectively supplement the existing extinguishing and
mechanical treatment plant, amongst others,
alarm structures, Rosenbauer installed three powerful turret ex-
for the recovery of waste. The delivered
tinguishing systems, which are combined with a precise infrared
material ­ mostly plastic and paper ­ is highly
detection system. The system detects temperature changes and, in
flammable and represents a high fire hazard.
the event of increasing temperatures, immediately ensures cooling
A fire would destroy the expensive systems,
by means of foam. Compared to conventional fire protection systems
lead to long production downtimes, and strain
which only activate once a certain minimum temperature has been
the environment. Here, in the framework of
reached on the ceiling of the storage hall, the Rosenbauer system can
stationary fire protection, Rosenbauer has
already intervene before a fire breaks out. Thus, the risk of produc-
developed a solution that protects people,
tion downtime is drastically reduced. Through the use of relatively
materials, systems, and the environment by
small and targeted amounts of extinguishing agent, contaminated
reacting immediately in an emergency and
materials can easily and quickly be removed from the hall. Therefore,
preventing the breakout of a large fire in its
ongoing operations are not at risk.
initial stage.
Storage for refuse derived fuel
PYROsmart infrared system
Turret extinguishing system in the delivery hall
Containers with firefighting equipment