Truck-mounted fire pumps Rosenbauer
Extinguishing with maximum efficiency.
High Pressure Fire Pump H5.
The compact dimensions and the low weight are un-
matched characteristics for the H5, both as underfloor
mounted pump or as rear-mounted pump. This creates
additional space for equipment rooms - an unbeatable
benefit for small-size vehicles.
Uncompromising and equipped with all benefits of
Rosenbauer pumps - this power pack is the first choice for
small-size vehicles. The 4-stage high pressure pump
is resistant against contamination and hence requires only
low maintenance effort. There the rapid intervention can
be quickly installed on with small fire trucks. Especially in
combination with Rosenbauer hose reel and NEPIRO it is
fastest ready for use. This represents a good supplement
to fire trucks with portable pump.
Underfloor mounting:
More compartment
space for additional
equipment, e.g. for
portable pumps
Benefits of the H5 pump.
Compact dimensions
HP-fire fighting technique on small-
size vehicles - thus rapid readiness
for use through preparation of a
rapid intervention
High pump capacities of up to
500 lpm (130 USgpm) at 40 bar
(600 psi)
Low power required to drive the pump
Flow rate
Suction height
Resistant against contamination -
low maintenance effort
500 lpm
40 bar
85 kW
3 m
Low water hammers through flat
250 lpm
40 bar
55 kW
3 m
pump characteristics