Rosenbauer Truck-mounted fire pumps
Designed and ready for every situation.
Normal Pressure Fire Pump type ,,N" and
Combined Normal and High Pressure Fire Pump type ,,NH".
The normal pressure pump ,,N" and
Through the opposed arrangement
the combined normal and high pres-
of the normal pressure impeller and
sure pump ,,NH" provide innovative
the high pressure impellers on a
technology, ergonomically operation
single shaft the high pressure pump
and reduced noise emission.
does not require an own drive - the
water supply of the high pressure
Normal pressure and
The single stage normal pressure
pump can be switched on or off at
high pressure stages
centrifugal pump reaches the best
any speed.
on one common shaft
together with ergo-
efficiency through its spiral housing
nomic operation.
and water striper edges in the volute.
It catches the eye through flat pump
characteristics. Water hammers
through the opening and closing of
discharges are reduced to a mini-
The drive speed of the pump is
designed for power take-offs (PTOs)
of standard trucks.
The pumps of the NH-series combine
on one single pump shaft all the
benefits of the N-pump with those of
the 4-stage high pressure pump.
Optimized pump operation.
The controls (both mechanical control parts and electronic operation panel) are
optimally integrated into the instrument panel and thus offer perfect ergonom-
ics. The gauges are above the control parts and thus in the field of view of the
pump operator.
Performance normal pressure
Flow rate
Suction height
N25 / NH25
2,500 lpm
10 bar
70 kW
3 m
N35 / NH35
3,500 lpm
10 bar
95 kW
3 m
N45 / NH45
4,250 lpm
10 bar
118 kW
3 m
N55 / NH55
5,500 lpm
10 bar
135 kW
3 m