Rosenbauer Truck-mounted fire pumps
Compact pumps for highest performance.
Normal Pressure Fire Pump N65/ N80.
The universal truck-mounted pump
for airport-, industry- and largetank
trucks and stationary pump units.
Benefits of the N65/ N80 pump.
High pump capacity at flat characteristics thus reduces
Robust and failsafe piston priming pump
the water hammers on the discharges to a minimum
Automatic priming for easy operation
An additional high pressure pump with up to 500 lpm
Pump pressure governor maintains the pressure on the
(130 USgpm) at 40 bar (600 psi) is optional
discharges in all operating conditions
Mechanically steered around-the-pump foam proportion-
Mechanical overheating protection prevents the over-
ing system FIXMIX 2.0 with 3 adjustable proportioning
heating of the pump and thus damages to the same
Flexibility in the drive the correct pump for your de-
Electronically regulated around-the-pump foam propor-
tioning system FIXMIX 2.0 E with stepless proportioning
rate adjustment and the possibility to display the water
and foam concentrate consumption