Truck-mounted fire pumps Rosenbauer
The field of application of the N100
Highest performance for highest demands.
reaches from airport and industrial
fire trucks to stationary pump
systems for the hydrant network
Benefits of the N100 pump.
Highest pump performance in normal (up to 10,000 lpm
Free combination option with
at 10 bar) and/or high pressure area (up to 500 lpm
> High Pressure Pump H5
at 40 bar)
> Priming Pump KAP600
Pump performance up to 14,000 lpm (3,700 USgpm) at
> Foam Proportioning System FOAMATIC E
5 bar (72,5 psi) inlet pressure
All accessories directly mounted on the pump
Low water hammers through very flat pump
Accessories directly driven from the pump shaft on the
suction side
Maximum operational safety and low maintenance
Robust and user-friendly
Low noise emission through low rotational speed
Resistant against dirt
Highest priming performance through piston priming
pump with 600 ccm piston displacement