Truck-mounted fire pumps Rosenbauer
Piston Priming Pump.
The piston priming pump is mounted on top of the pedestal
at direct drive or on the gear box. The drive is implemented
over a belt. The piston priming pump can be switch on as
needed. It catches the eye through its high priming perfor-
The oil bath lubrication, inlet and outlet valve out of ex-
tremely resistant plastic and the design as a double action
Automatic priming on the example of the N/NH series as well as
pump provide a very high operational safety.
N10 and H5
No water pressure; driving belt under pressure:
Priming pump in operation
Water pressure over 1.5 bar, driving belt loose:
Operation of the automatic priming.
Priming pump does not move
For the N/NH series as well as N10 and H5: Driving belt
Benefits of the piston priming pump.
of the priming pump is tensioned through a spring
At R600 and drive over SAE3 gear-box: Electromagnetic
The priming pump is located on the
clutch switches the piston priming pump over a belt on
water pump and thus does not always
For the N100: Driving belt of the priming pump is ten-
run together with the pump shaft
sioned through a cylinder
Extremely failure safe
Resistant to contaminated water
The control of the priming pump depends on the pump
Can be switched on as needed
pressure. When reaching the priming pressure, the prim-
Safety through design as double
ing pump is disengaged the priming process is disabled.
acting piston pump