Case Study Tönsmeier ­ Rosenbauer
Protection and safety
around the clock.
At Oppin there are three extinguishing
areas. For one the general delivery hall,
which is used for pre-storage. Secondly
the delivery hall for light packaging ma-
terials (LVP). And thirdly the extinguish-
ing area of the substitute fuel storage
and paper hall.
The delivery areas and the storage hall
are protected around the clock by the
turret extinguishing systems. If the
installed infrared system detects a hot
spot, its coordinates are sent to the
turret. It aims automatically, applies
the extinguishing agent in a targeted
way, and cools down the hot spot with
oscillating movements. The Tönsmeier
plants in Porta Westfalica and Pader-
born also use Rosenbauer turret extin-
guishing systems for the protection of
people, machines, and the environment.
Container with firefighting equipment and extinguishing water container
Installed technology:
Customized extinguishing systems from a single supplier
Pump system for pressure increase
Perfectly matched technology
Foam proportioning system
Reliable fire protection around the clock (24/7)
Storage tank for foaming agent
Construction/design based on current VdS directives
Valve stations
Extinguishing system control room
Main distributor
Overground water storage tank with
a volume of 150,000 l
The plant control room was mounted in a container. A reservoir with up to 150,000 l capacity was built for the
extinguishing water supply. For this extinguishing system an RM65 turret was used, which can be designed with
an output of up to 6,000 l/min.