Truck-mounted fire pumps Rosenbauer
Direct drive of the
pump from the
power take- off via
Drive of the pump
direct from the main
drive shaft of the
truck via Split-Shaft
gear box.
Drive over pedestal or gear boxes.
For the adapting to different speeds
of the PTO a gear box can be used
As a standard all pumps are driven by
as well. 16 different gear ratios are
the power take-off (PTO) of the fire
truck. Here the pump will be directly
driven to achieve the highest possible
For the N100 a gear box with 2 gear
Surpass larger
offsets in the pump
efficiency and guarantee the lowest
ratios is available. Thus both rotation-
drive shaft via offset
noise emission.
al directions can be presented.
gear box.
Drive by seperate pump engine.
Split Shaft Gear box.
Every Rosenbauer pump can be driven by a SAE connec-
If no proper power take-off (PTO) is available a split shaft
tion (Standard SAE3, N100 with SAE1). This enables an
gear box can be used instead. Here the pump is driven by
pump drive independent of the truck engine - important
the main drive shaft of the fire truck. This split shaft gear
mainly for the pump & roll operation. Furthermore this
box is available for all pumps (except N100 and R600).
represents a possibility to realize stationary units.
Offset Gear Box
Hydraulic drive.
If larger distances between the PTO and the pump drive
Every Rosenbauer pump can be driven by a SAE connec-
need to be surpassed, the offset gear box is the ideal
tion through a hydraulic motor. This also enables an pump
solution. Distances of 500 mm (19.7") or 335 mm (13.2")
drive independent of the vehicle for a pump & roll opera-
can be overcome. This offset gear box is available for all
pumps (except N100).