Rosenbauer Truck-mounted fire pumps
Foam proportioning for industrial application.
Balanced pressure foam proportioning for the industry.
The Rosenbauer HYDROMATIC and MIXMATIC represent the balanced pressure foam proportioning systems for the indus-
trial application. The use - especially in chemical plants, refineries, tank farms, etc. - requires a high flexibility in the area
of water and foam concentrate usage of the operational units. The systems enable a simple adjustment to the correspond-
ing operational conditions.
Benefits of the balanced pressure foam
proportioning systems.
Completely foam concentrate free water pumps
Completely independent outlet in terms of water, foam
compound and proportioning rate
Simultaneous extinguishing with a water-foam mixture
and cooling with water possible
When feeding the water pump the foam proportioning
system also works
Venturi proportioner per pressure discharge infinite
adjustable from 1 to 7 %
Systems con be operated either via external foam suction
Big amounts of foam concentrate of up to 450 lpm
or from up to two foam tanks
(120 USgpm) or 700 lpm (185 USgpm) can be supplied
Possibility to fill the foam tank(s) after operation of the
Foam concentrate will only be supplied on demand no
recirculation of foam back to the foam tank
Easy to control through the Rosebauer LCS 2.0 System