Truck-mounted fire pumps Rosenbauer
Foam proportioning for industrial application.
Balanced pressure foam proportioning for the industry.
Rosenbauer CAFS systems.
Water is the most universal extinguishing agent and is
used today as often as it has always been. With CAFS
(compressed air foam system), the extinguishing effect in-
creases numerous times as compared to just water. CONTI
CAFS, SKY CAFS and FLASH CAFS all systems stand for:
Unique foam quality: CAFS is very compact and consists
of numerous small-sized homogenous bubbles. This
ensures maximum cooling, asphyxiation and excellent
re-ignition safety.
Best throw ranges: Contrary to conventional air-foam
procedures, the air required for aspiration is not supplied
through injection on the nozzle (=passive) but supplied
as compressed air (=active). So, the energy is not re-
moved from the extinguishing agent, but rather supplied
to it.
Very simple operation: via Rosenbauer Logic Control
Regardless of whether it is CONTI
Thanks to its high air content, CAF
FLASH CAFS WR/AR is the answer to
CAFS WR 15, 30 or 60, generating
has considerably lesser weight than
the need for a simple CAFS technology
air via compressors (hydraulic or
pure water or conventional aspirated
that offers never-before throw ranges
direct drive through a belt), the modu-
water-foam mixture. SKY CAFS helps
with large outputs (air crash rescue
lar concept offers a simple, optimum
fire fighters reach heights they never
vehicles) and significantly increases
solution for every situation.
thought possible: at least 400 m!
cost efficiency and extinguishing ef-
fect of fire fighting vehicles of various
types. FLASH CAFS WR/AR can be