Rosenbauer Truck-mounted fire pumps
Easy and ergonomically.
Operation of the Rosenbauer pumps.
In the development of the control of the Rosenbauer pump series special
attention was paid to the ease of operation and ergonomically values.
The operation of the pumps is divided
into a mechanical and an electrical
operation, as well as in gauges. All
control elements are arranged rela-
tively low for easier access.
According to the configuration
mechanical and electrical control
elements can be configured.
Due to the size of the pump only
electric control elements have been
integrated into the R600 and N100.
Mechanical control.
The control elements are designed er-
gonomically and are adequate for the
use with gloves. The corresponding
functions of the control elements are
engraved and marked by colors.
Benefits of the operation.
(Logic Control System).
Easy, ergonomical operation
This enables the control of several
All units have a similar user interface and thus are
pump functions as well as the foam
similar in the control, e.g. water pump, foam proportion-
proportioning system, CAF-systems
ing system, compressed air foam proportioning system
and generators.
(CAFS), generator, light tower.
Every Rosenbauer pump has the same control - no
For a proper control under difficult
adapting necessary
light conditions or at night, all func-
Condition of the medium and aggregate are marked
tions are back-lit.
by colors
The control panel is back-lit - for bad weather conditions,
e.g. working at night