Truck-mounted fire pumps Rosenbauer
Special modular system.
Operation of the Rosenbauer pumps.
Through a special modular design the
Mechanical overheating protection
Rosenbauer pumps can be developed
for normal and/or high pressure pumps the safe protection against overheating
according to the customers demands.
Gunmetal design
for high corrosion resistance
This enables to adjust the pump to
Coupling system Storz, BSS, NH, etc.
the different chassis, environments
for regional conditions the corresponding coupling system
and users.
Pump heating
prevents the freezing of the pump during long driving times
Pump pressure governor with cavitation alarm regulates the rotation
speed of the engine to maintain a certain pressure - independent from the flow
Drive shaft brake Especially for automatic gear boxes, so that the drive shaft
remains in its position when the power take-off drive is switched off.
Pump operation panel different features (manual, electric, ...) - according to
customer demand and level of automation
Manual operation
Mecanical overheating protection
Operation with LCS 2.0
Pump heating