Driver Warning Device
General Information
DWD is a Driver Warning Device designed to support the safe operation of a vehicle by measuring the lateral
and longitudinal axial forces exerted on the vehicle as well as the vehicle tilt while in motion. If critical
performance values are reached, audible and visual warnings assist the driver in order to stay within the safe
operating limits.
The system is a stand-alone or can be integrated into service4fire MADAS. Both systems meet the standards
set out in NFPA 414/2012 and FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-10E.
Especially suitable for
Constant surveillance and evaluation of driving style
Vehicles with a high center of gravity
During emergency operations
Vehicles with movable loads (such as water)
For vehicle training
Vehicles subject to high cornering speeds
Operating a vehicle on demanding or bumpy
Installation on
All Rosenbauer vehicles
Vehicles from any other manufacturer
Audible signals (Piezo siren)
Visual warnings on a display in the cab