Case Study Tönsmeier ­ Rosenbauer
Rosenbauer turret extinguishing systems
for Tönsmeier waste treatment plants
Extinguishing systems with RM65 turret
and temperature monitoring
Hot-spot detection and targeted extin-
guishing agent use
Output rate: up to 2,400 l/min
Extinguishing agent: foam
Rosenbauer ­ powerful extinguishing systems and individual
solutions to protect people and material assets.
Rosenbauer is fire protection. For nearly 150 years. Today,
Stationary extinguishing system from Rosenbauer are
Rosenbauer is one of the leading global manufacturers of
customized solutions with highly efficient firefighting equip-
municipal fire fighting vehicles, aerials, special airport and
ment for the protection of people, facilities and objects.
industrial vehicles as well as stationary and semi-station-
ary fire protection systems. Professional fire departments,
They are used where conventionally designed sprinkler and
voluntary fire departments, industrial and airport fire
water spray systems do not offer optimum protection. The
departments as well as planning and engineering offices
fire fighting concepts are adapted to the individual protec-
around the globe trust the cutting edge technological
tion objective.
solutions from Rosenbauer.