Rosenbauer - FANERGY XL
Large fan FANERGY XL
The correct type for every application
Enormous thrust - the principle of pressure ventilation
In collaboration with the institute for combustion engines and thermodynamics of the Technical University
of Graz, fire scenarios were simulated. In the process, it was possible to calculate the smoke gas spread
and temperature development that occurs in the event of a fire and to analyse the influence of large mobi-
le fans on flow conditions in the tunnel.
Jointly with the experiences of fire brigades, this simulation forms the basis for the design of the fans.
Theoretical findings were finally confirmed in extensive tests.
Pressure ventilation in tunnels
Pressure ventilation in buildings
In the case of fire in tunnels, smoke gases and heat develop-
With the large mobile fans by Rosenbauer the operating forces
ment constitute a major hazard potential. On one hand,
have efficient fans for ventilation of large buildings at their
they threaten persons entrapped in the tunnel while the
disposal. By using positive pressure ventilation, smoke escape
operating forces are hampered in advancing to the place of
is accelerated and thus the safety of the operating forces in-
the accident. On the other hand, the spread of the gases is
substantially influenced by flows caused through the chimney
effect and weather-related influences. Often stationary venti-
The smoke escapes to the outside through opened windows
lation plants can counteract these ,,natural" flows only highly
or doors or deliberately through fire smoke vent openings,
conditionally. The use of a large mobile fan in this case allows
which means improved vision and thus quicker and safer arri-
the operating forces to advance to the accident with ,,the
val at the operating destination. In addition, ignition through
wind in the back" largely without danger.
passing smoke is reduced.