FANERGY XL - Rosenbauer
Large mobile fans - an ingenious product
The Rosenbauer large fans are designed as axial fans with
Through the air flow generated in the fan, a positive pressure
curved blades and diffuser and are uncompromisingly confi-
is created in the tunnel or in the building which allows the
gured for maximum axial thrust. As a result, the air flow can
smoke caused by the fire to escape through the other tunnel
be intensified, established and even reversed depending on
end or targeted smoke discharge openings. Moreover a clear
the operating tactics.
reduction of temperature appears in the fire room, which
facilitates increased usage times at the fire fighting forces.
Rosenbauer offers its large mobile fans in 2 sizes with 3 types.
The FANERGY XL35 is a fan with an axial
The main difference between the Types
thrust of 1,000 N directly driven by
XL63 and XL63 S is the hydraulic drive
means of a BMW engine. As standard, it
unit for the fan XL63 S and thus the
is mounted on a single-axle trailer with
possibility of rotating and inclining the
overrunning brake and can be towed by
fan unit. Through the mechanical sepa-
a passenger car.
ration of drive unit and fan the fan
can be rotated via a slewing ring and in-
The FANERGY XL63 with its 2,500 N
clined via a lifting cylinder. This allows
axial thrust offers the maximum output
highly flexible adjustment of the air flow
for large scale operations. In addition
direction and the operating possibilities
Simple operation
to being mounted on a two-axle trailer
are substantially increased. In addition,
with overrunning brake, it can also be
the fan can be optimally adapted in
All 3 fans are characterized by simple
permanently mounted on a vehicle or
height to the place of operation through
operation. Following start-up, the fan
on an interchangeable loading frame.
a scissor lift table.
does not require any further attention.