Mobile Large Fans
Typ XL35
Typ XL63
Typ XL63 S
Technical Data
Type XL35
Type XL63
Type XL63 S
Fan output
Fan axial thrust: 1,000 N
Fan axial thrust: 2,500 N
Blowing-out speed
approx. 150 km/h (93 mbh)
approx. 133 km/h (83 mbh)
Volumetric flow
80.000 m3 air/hour
213,000 m
3 air/hour
900 mm (35,4 in)
1,600 mm (63 in)
BMW gasoline boxer engine
4-cylinder Deutz diesel engine with exhaust gas turbocharger and charge
air cooling, injection pump and liquid cooling
Power output
50 kW (68 HP)
92 kW (125 HP)
Power transmission
Single-disc dry clutch, propeller shaft,
Propeller shaft, gearbox and
Hydrostatic fan drive, lifting movement
gearbox and belt drive
belt drive
hydraulically via cylinders, rotary
movement electrically
1-axle trailer: with overrunning brake,
2-axle trailer: with overrunning-brake,
Truck, trailer, roll-on roll-off container
safety cord, parking brake, drawbar
safety rope, parking brake, drawbar
for ball coupling, support legs
for jaw coupling adjustable in height,
support legs
20 l petrol tank, speed adjustment,
Illuminated instrument panel with speed
Illuminated instrument panel with speed
ignition key, revolution counter,
adjustment, ignition key, revolution
adjustment, ignition key, revolution
operating hour meter, fuel gauge,
counter, operating hour meter, tank
counter, operating hour meter,
H3 working head lamps 12 V 55 W,
gauge, 120 l diesel tank, safety grille
tank gauge, cooling water temperature,
safety grille
fan rotation. Lever for adjusting the
inclination of the fan, 120 l diesel
tank, safety grille
Optional equipment
Drawbar with jaw coupling adjustable in
Water nozzle ring, laser pointer
Water nozzle ring, laser pointer
height, low-voltage socket, NATO socket
150 l/min, 300 l/min
150 l/min, 300 l/min
for external starting aid
(39 gal/min, 78 gal/min)
(39 gal/min, 78 gal/min)
L x W x H
3,350 x 1,620 x 1,870 mm
5,200 x 2,180 x 2,800 mm
3,500 x 2,000 x 2,550 mm
(131,8 x 63,7 x 73,6 in)
(204,7 x 86,8 x 110,2 in)
(137,8 x 78,7 x 100,3 in)
(fan on basic frame)
approx. 900 kg (1984 lb)
approx. 3,000 kg (6614 lb)
approx. 3,250 kg (7165 lb)
(fan on basic frame)
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