Rosenbauer - TuRReTS
Turrets with electronic control unit
From 800 l/min (200 gal/min) up to 13,000 l/min (3,400 gal/min)
On airport, industry or municipal fire fighting vehicles,
the electronically controlled turrets by Rosenbauer have
won confidence over the world due to their reliability and
Technical details:
Light metal body
O-stream nozzle with flow rate adjustment
Electric full/spray jet setting
Manual override
GRF design cover
Integrated light
Intuitive fully-electronic control unit
Fully automatic oscillating function
The turrets are designed without compromise for furthest
throw range, best foam qualities and a versatile design for
use as front or roof turrets.
extreme conditions call for tough turrets
All Rosenbauer turrets are equipped for the challenging,
continuous use with all water and foam compound quali-
ties under various climatic conditions. The turrets must
also meet the highly demanding driving dynamics of airport
fire fighting vehicles. Loads of up to 10G put the compo-
nents to a hard test in every use.