Rosenbauer - TuRReTS
RM130 turret
The RM130 turret is the top product of the Rosenbauer
turret family. It is as suitable for demanding industrial fire
fighting situations as it is convenient in meeting the tough
foam quality requirements at airports, with its maximum
flow rate of 13,000 litres/min.
The ChemCore nozzle delivers up to 20 kg/sec dry powder
directly in the O-Stream with superior throw range and
extinguishing capabilities.
Roof turret with foam barrel
LED lights
Technical data
Rotation range
max. 360
elevation range
max. -20 to +70
O-stream nozzle
Nozzle adjustment
Electric adjustment for full/spray jet adjustment
Foam nozzle
Optional, with integrated aspiration plates for increasing the foam quality
Optional, for adjusting the jet by using the foam nozzle
Dry powder nozzle
mounted on top, maximum flow rate 20 kg/sec
integrated, maximum flow rate 60 kg/sec
ChemCore nozzle
integrated combined water/powder nozzle, 13.000 litres/min water, 20 kg/sec dry powder